Can be fully customised with amazing 3d paper flowers to match your colour scheme. 


Set up and removal included in the price of hire.

Please get in touch for more information.



Terms & Conditions Of Hire


The hirer must be over 18.

To secure a booking a non- refundable £100 deposit is required. The balance is due 21 days before the hire period is due to start.

None payment of the balance in full before the hire period or formal notification of cancellation will result in: a. None delivery of ordered items; and, b. You will still be liable for the total outstanding amount.

We do not accept cash on delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is made on time.

Price stated at booking is the price paid at date of hire. There is no VAT to pay.


If formal notification of cancellation is received more than 21 days before the hire period is due to commence payment of the remaining balance will not be required. However, the initial deposit of £100 is none refundable.  Formal cancellation of hire must always be done in writing.

Damage Liability Deposit

It is the responsibility of the person hiring the items to ensure that all items supplied are kept in good order during the course of the hire and are returned in the same state as they were delivered.

Prior to delivery a £100 Damage Liability Deposit is required for all hires under £1000. Hires over £1000 require 10% of the total hire cost plus photo id and proof of address. The damage liability deposit can either be made by cheque or by credit/debit card.

Damage Liability Deposits will be returned unless damage to the hired items has occurred and replacement or repair is required.

Damage Liability Deposits will be returned one week after the event if all the items are returned in the condition they were delivered.

If only a portion of the Damage Liability Deposit is required to replace or repair items the remainder will be returned.

If the Damage Liability Deposit does not cover the cost of the damage then you will be invoiced for the remainder of the cost and must be paid no later than 14 days after the event.

Hire Period

The hire period commences from the moment of set-up until the time of collection.


Delivery cost is free within a 50 mile radius of Ulverston, Cumbria, England. For delivery to venues outside of this radius a fuel charge will apply.

For venues significantly distant costs for overnight stay may also be charged. Please enquire for further details.

While every effort will be made to make sure items arrive on time we cannot be responsible for events not in our control.

Please ensure that access is sufficient to your venue and that there is enough space to site the items which you have hired.

Under no circumstances can items be moved unless agreed by us. Item hired must remain indoors at all times, unless prior consent is obtained from us. Under no circumstances must anything such as banners and pictured be attached to our hired items

A name is required and two contact numbers for the person signing for all items on delivery.

The person signing for the items will be fully responsible for them until the hire period ends andcollection is made

Failure to observe these requirements at the time of delivery will result in no delivery and set-up and payment of the full cost of hire.

Two Person Assembly

Some items may require two or more members of our staff to assemble or setup. This is included in the hire price.


We are insured for public liability and everything is done to ensure the safety and safe handling of all hired items. We take no responsibility for these items after they are signed for on delivery until they are signed off on collection. Everything is done to ensure the safety and safe handling of all hired items.


Please allow up to an hour for the hire items to be signed off.

The items will be signed off when you and the collection driver have agreed that all items are present and the condition the items are returned in.

If all the items are present and in the same condition as they were delivered then both parties will sign the items off.


We have the right to refuse a booking to any person or company.

Sub Hire

You may not sub-hire any items. The person booking the items must be the person or a representative of the person who intends to use them

Long-Term Hire

Long-term hire is available and is negotiable. Please contact us to discuss this option.

Promotional hire

Occasionally we offer free hires or reduced hire costs for charities and photo shoots. Please contact us to discuss this option.


We may request to photograph your event. Use of the images is strictly for promotional purposes 

Photography for promotional or public use must have prior written permission.