"Its Vintage..."

I'm a huge fan of anything quirky, original and a little bit different. I love a bit of vintage style, whether its my 1950's style polkadot swing dress, my gorgeous beaded handbag (which gets lots of compliments every time I use it) or my flowery "tea dress".

I recently went to Aintree - to watch the grand national!! - and wore my floral dress, brown sparkly bolero cardigan and vintage accessories. (You can just about see my cardi)

Whilst on one of my trips to the loo, I overheard a conversation between 2 children who were discussing shoes "they were my mums, original 1990's vintage." WHAAAAAT!!!! 1990 was 10 years ago. Ok in my head 1990 was only 10 years ago and the children were in their early 20's but still, they made me feel old.

Then I realised, my lovely sparkly cardi is from the early 90's!!! (I'm pretty sure if I looked hard enough I would be able to find photographic evidence but I cant be bothered to root through the loft) I was tempted to say this to the children but thought better of it, they might think "who is this crazy lady"

Then on Saturday I went to Rheged in Penrith for "Judy's affordable vintage fair" and had a lovely time, there were denim jackets, checked shirts and adidas tracksuit tops galore - think Oasis vs Blur circa 1995. So, I guess my question is, when does something go from being 2nd hand to being Vintage? is 1990's Vintage? or does it just mean I'm getting old?

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