ETSY, Amazon handmade, NuMonday, EBay it's all a bit confusing....

I've recently been contacted by Amazon to sell my products on their Handmade Artisan site. I'll be honest, I had never heard of it! NuMonday also contacted me wanting me to sign up to sell with them, again - never heard of it! So I decided to do some investigating. 

Most orders I get are from Facebook or people contacting me directly at craft or wedding fairs.

Facebook are constantly changing their algorithms and posts don't get seen or they are deliberately not circulated because of various stipulations, so it's getting harder and harder to sell via Facebook alone.  

I've recently developed my website and sold a couple of things through my ETSY shop but do people see my items? Possibly not in the sea of other similar products (sometimes the products are nothing like mine but have the same tags or "seo") so it's a real struggle to get your items seen. 

NuMonday is a newish site that is trying to be ETSY and is based more in the UK, but, how good is it? I've asked my friends, family, Facebook followers and not many people even have the faintest idea what I'm talking about! 

Everyone's heard of Amazon though right? Well, yes most people buy or have bought at least one item from Amazon, so when they got in touch telling me about Amazon handmade I thought why not? So this afternoon I've spent approximately 2.5 hours setting up my shop and have managed to add one item before losing the will to live.

I'm going to add more items over the next few days - when i can face it! But in the mean time here's a link to my first Amazon Handmade item...... let's hope it works!  Unicorn Wall Art

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